All types of surveillance.
We will watch, follow and film whoever you ask us to for as long as it takes to get you the information you need. Whether you need hard evidence to present in a court case or simply want to reassure yourself of the truth, you can place your trust in our discreet and effective service. 

Proof of adultery and infidelity.
Don’t allow yourself to be blindsided by a cheating partner or spouse. Where there’s smoke, there’s usually fire. Our team will gather the hard evidence you need to bolster your divorce settlement and ensure that no facts are swept under the rug.

We Find and Carry out Background-Check ID’s regarding: Business or Personal Relationships, Pre-Marital & Internet or Investment Scams, Theft or ​Dating Fake ID’s. We Check Everyone! Everywhere. Use Our Cyber/Digital Forensics Team To Access; Hidden or Cash Trails, Savings Deposits, Local & International Banks, Term Deposits, Brokerage Houses, Secret or Hidden Trusts, Homes, Boats, Planes, Apartments, Safety Deposit Boxes, Stock-Land and General Properties