Cycling for fun, fitness and competition

Bicycle riding is an emerging form of popular exercise and recreation in Australia. We naturally think of outside riding due to our fantastic weather conditions. So, how does the stationary bike riding rate? Well, many people visit gyms to use stationary bikes. The gym provides a safe environment, without the distractions of traffic. It is obviously quite different from cycling on the roads. You still need to pay attention, but without the traffic you can really concentrate on achieving a better workout. Others who have a bike can use a mag indoor trainer such as the Bell Motivator.

Cycling – Health Benefits of the Bell Motivator Mag Indoor Bicycle Trainer and Stationary Bikes

The stationary bike allows you to exercise in comfort without having to deal with either the heat or the winter months. It does save you dollars on some equipment you do not need, for example leg warmers, arm warmers, wet weather jackets, boots to cover your shoes, gloves specifically used in winter. Most gyms have a few types of exercise bikes, typically you may think of the one’s with the electronic panel that allows you to choose which type of exercise program your level of fitness allows you to complete. If for example you are a more confident, fitter individual you may have a bike already and plan to use a mag indoor trainer at home. This can be used inside, under the verandah, in the shed, where ever you can find some space out of the weather usually. Although the magnetic cross trainers can be used for interval training for more experienced riders.

Benefits of cycling on any exercise bike is that it can improve your cardiovascular fitness and increase your muscular endurance. It can help you to manage your wellbeing, weight, mange pain, improve muscle tone and strength and can assist in reducing stress, anxiety, and depression. It’s all part of the physical activity itself and may be due to the actual satisfaction and pleasure of bike riding. It’s a great way to get fit, and it is very flexible, you can ride any time. Cycling outside provides flexibility and allows you to discover new places you perhaps hadn’t noticed before due to driving a car. I know busy people may like taking a bike ride alone for a bit of peace and quiet. Low impact exercise makes it easy on the joints and can provide a favourable work out for those with minor sore backs, or other injuries. Please see your doctor or specialist before undertaking any physical exercise if you have any concerns.

Bike setup

Whether you are cycling outside or inside your set up is extremely important. The seat height requires to be set up for you, not the last person (in the gym) who used the bike. Seat height is crucial so you don’t end up hurting your knees, hips etc. Pay attention to this, if you are not sure ask for help, the staff at gyms are usually very friendly and happy to assist you in this task. If at home and you are a novice, seek advice first before setting up. Advice can be sought all over the place, just pop into a reputable bike shop for instance, or contact your local cycling club.

Burning Calories

Any bike is a great bike to burn calories on. Be it stationary or mobile. They have similar benefits when it comes to weight loss. Cycling is a great activity to give your heart, lungs & blood vessels a workout. Of course it depends on how long/often you exercise for and with how much intensity you train at that will determine how many calories you can burn per training session. If you learn to ride at different resistance settings and challenge yourself in unique ways from week to week you will have less chance of getting bored and losing motivation. Stationary bikes and the Bell Motivator Mag Indoor Bicycle Trainer equipment also allow you to watch television, read, or listen to music as other forms of entertainment while you exercise.