People need to know that rented flats are their homes. Just because they are not owned by you, it does not mean that you should not add personal items and enhance the beauty of the apartment in any way. Your environment reflects your mood and personality and vice versa. Make sure that it is pleasing to watch! Besides, for making the apartment ready for anyone to visit, decorating it is the most important step. You must have the feeling that the place you are staying in is your home. Treat your home the way it deserves to be treated. Decorating it will certainly help you and these are the pointers to keep in mind before and while you decorate your home –

* Check with the landlord. It is better to check beforehand, if the changes are approved by him. You must know what you can add and modify in the apartment. Even the little things that you can change make a huge difference and can make your place better.

* You may be able to add to the little fixtures and make some minor but important repairs or upgrades. These little details count a lot!

* You can easily buy things that are creative, stylish and beautiful.

* You can experiment with the colors and add lighter and darker shades together to create contrast.

* Buy tasteful furniture for the place and make sure that you buy something with lots of shelves to display all your chic decorative items. If you cannot do anything on the walls, then exquisite furniture makes up for it.

* You can buy trendy, colorful chairs, cushion covers and exquisite table cloths to brighten up the rooms. It is all about adding things where you cannot make use of the walls or the floors to paint or add your own type of flooring respectively.

* Do not forget balance. You add too much and the entire view simply gets spoiled. Whatever you buy for decoration, just make sure everything is beautiful, but simple.

* You can add decals on the wall. They are easy to remove and look absolutely gorgeous.

* Light up your flat, creatively! You can make use of different shades of light in different corners and areas of the flat and make it look sophisticated, mysterious, elegant or just creepy! All depends on the mood you are going for that day.

* Add easy-to-remove command hooks to create your own art gallery. In fact, you can bring tasteful pieces of art and hangings to your home and place them strategically.

* Make it personal and natural. Add plants and flowers and family pictures in unusual and striking frames and have fun!

These little experiments, additions and changes can make your place homely and you can be a proud dweller of a great place. No one would doubt your sincerity towards your home, whether it is rented or bought. It depends on the kind of landlord you get and a real estate agency could help you get the ideal landlord, so that you can have the home of your dreams.