Thanks to the bumper sticker industry, the hum-drum monotony of driving in heavy traffic is eased by funny stickers. Funny stickers have become one of the most exciting trends in bumper stickers, providing a much needed service to the world. Humor has always been the nemesis of boredom and despair. A drudging trip to home or the office can be made pleasant with the notice of a few funny stickers. It should be considered a service to mankind when a person places a whimsical phrase on their back bumper or window.

Funny stickers have probably been around since the first bumper stickers were used somewhere around the 1930’s to 40’s. Political campaigning was one of the first uses for bumper stickers, and soon witty rebukes followed. Even the Commander In Chief of the United States is not safe from the comical assaults. In fact, the president is usually the number one target of politically themed funny stickers. In the past few decades, the U.S. has been led by “Billary,” “Dubya,” and “Nobama.” John Wayne’s campaign has found a considerable following, and in a fit of constitutional disgrace, “Not my president” has broken the two term limit on many occasions. hologram┬ásticker

Politics by nature is a decisive subject. Many people are passionate about their ideologies, and political debate often degrades into unintelligible arguing. At least, with funny stickers, a little humor is given with the stinging statement. It adds some levity to the subject, and that always helps with the needed defusing of resentments before serious consideration of any topic can take place.

Occasionally, a controversial funny sticker finds its way into our line of vision. The humor presented by these is entirely subjective. Although there is a large following of cutting edge funny stickers, many of these should not be discussed in polite conversation. The celebrity of the brow furrowing stickers is still seen on occasion. It contains an obscenity and profoundly refers to the inevitable ebb and flow of life’s fortunes. The simple wisdom that it implies has been the mantra of many downtrodden souls. It is the quintessential, obscenity bearing, funny sticker.

Much to the chagrin of honor students everywhere, funny stickers have made a target of academic success. If the car bumpers are to be believed, honor students nation wide have been beaten up, eaten up, and knocked up. The war of brain versus brawn wages across the roadways of the nation. In reply to these insults, honor students have been….strangely silent. Fortunately for the world at large, the children of academic excellence have found their energies better spent at more important tasks. The future world leaders are preparing to be the next doctors, lawyers, business professionals, and politicians. While these merciless taunts are hurled their way, the stalwart geniuses are preparing to take the reigns of civilization, the better to keep it from tail spinning into oblivion while everyone else watches football and drinks beer. They deserve the gratitude of the world, after they are beaten.